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Background info:

Analy High, El Molino High, and Laguna Continuation High Schools need your help! Our programs depend on more funds than the state provides.  Without Measure B, our district will have to identify over a million dollars in cuts. We are exemplary schools in Sonoma County. Nearly one third of our students come to us from out of district because of our award-winning programs and educators. Help us keep maintain this standard by supporting school funding. 

To run this campaign, we must build our bank account. A single mailer will cost us thousands of dollars. We need to get the word out about Measure B, and we won’t be able to do it without support.

Why do the schools need more funds?

State spending simply does not keep pace with inflation, a situation you see happening in school districts all across the United States.  Many districts rely on spending cuts to balance their budgets which exacerbates the downward enrollment spiral. Schools then are unable to retain staff, offer quality classes and electives, keep up with technology and in general offer school excellence in their communities.  If our district is unable to pass this measure there unfortunately will be direct consequences for our schools and our communities.

Funds Raised by Measure B will: 
+Maintain and improve the school’s woodshop, culinary, media and other career technical education programs
+Keep school libraries open
+Maintain and improve the school’s award-winning art, music and drama programming
+Fund salary increases for our teachers, counselors, nurses
+Maintain small class sizes conducive to learning
+Maintain and expand student counseling services
+Maintain and improve college prep programs
+Improve technology and science equipment

Official ballot argument in favor of Measure B:

West Sonoma County Union High School District

Everyone knows the importance and value of having quality schools. From preparing for college and career to developing productive citizens, quality schools make a difference. However, because the state continues to reduce funding for public education, we need to do more to protect and maintain the quality of education. Since 1993, the West Sonoma County Union High School District has relied on a local parcel tax to provide a significant and essential part of its budget. Funds raised by this local tax have been used to support instructional opportunities, including counseling and library services, music, fine arts, drama, science equipment, and technology.

Our students need your Yes vote on Measure B! If successful, Measure B will continue to provide a stable source of local funds to offset the uncertainty of funding provided by the state. With the support provided by funds from Measure B, our students can become well-rounded, contributing members of the community. Without it, their educational experience will be compromised.

If passed, Measure B will keep school libraries open; maintain and improve shop, art, music, drama, culinary, technology, and other career education classes; maintain and improve college prep courses; give appropriate raises to teachers and staff; and maintain small class sizes.

Measure B makes financial sense and protects taxpayers. By law, all parcel tax funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State. Measure B provides for an exemption for any parcel owned and occupied by a person 65 years of age or older. Also, spending will be reviewed annually by an independent auditor and reported to the public.

Measure B maintains academic programs, helps improve the education of local students, and maintains the quality of our community. That’s something we can all support. Please join us and vote Yes on Measure B!